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Double Hung Window Installation in Dallas Fort Worth

If you need a new upgrade in your home, consider a double hung window installation in Dallas Fort Worth! Whether you’re searching for a brand new window or double hung replacement windows, the team at Woodruff Home Improvements is happy to help! With over 40 years of experience in the industry, we know a thing or two about window installations and replacements. Furthermore, we offer a wide variety of styles, helping you find windows that suit your specific needs. Contact us today to find the windows of your dreams!

What Are Double Hung Windows?

A double hung window is a type of window that involves two sashes, or separate panes of glass, that move up and down. Here at Woodruff, if this glass ever breaks or you experience any other issues, we can provide dependable double hung replacement windows. We also specialize in new window installation!

Also called a double-sash window, these windows can keep your home cool during the summertime. As warm air rises, heat can escape your home through the top section of the window. When the bottom sash is open on a double hung window, this enables fresh, cool air to enter your home. If you already have these windows in your residence, call us for double hung replacement windows if you ever experience any problems!

One key benefit of these windows is that they help to keep your home comfortable. But that’s not all—check out even more advantages of these windows below:


As we mentioned earlier, these windows help to improve the airflow within a space. Also, a double hung window allows you to control the level of ventilation by opening one sash or both. While other window types help with airflow, double hung replacement windows take things up a notch!


Many homeowners love the look and feel of these windows. They can add style and beauty to any space. Also, many different sizes and variations are available to suit your needs!

If you have questions about these windows or would like to schedule a FREE inspection, contact Woodruff Home Improvements today!

Double Hung Replacement Windows in Dallas Fort Worth

Woodruff is the leader in double hung replacement windows in Dallas Fort Worth! Whether you need a quick replacement or a new installation job for your entire home, we’re the double hung window experts. While dealing with a broken or outdated window can be stressful, our team can fix the issue in no time! Furthermore, customer satisfaction is always our top priority.

Are your windows old and outdated? Tired of dealing with high energy bills? If so, you could benefit from double hung replacement windows.

Here are some common reasons why you should schedule double hung window replacement service with us:

Cracked Glass

A broken or damaged window is an obvious reason why you may need a replacement. Over time, glass can experience wear and tear. Also, Texas weather can wreak havoc on these windows, resulting in shattered or cracked glass. If you don’t schedule replacement service right away, you could deal with safety and comfort issues!

Poor Efficiency

If you already have these windows but your energy bills are high, you may consider double hung replacement windows from the professionals here at Woodruff. We offer several energy-efficient double hung window models, which can keep you comfortable and your energy bills low!

Broken Components

Have double hung windows that don’t slide open properly? Experiencing issues with the latches? Whatever the case may be, this is another reason why you should schedule replacement services. These problems may seem minor, but they could lead to substantial energy loss and a drop in comfort.


Safety is another top reason to receive double hung replacement windows. If your double hung window doesn’t close properly or has other issues, this can make your home more prone to a break-in.

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