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Vinyl Siding Installation in Dallas Fort Worth

Vinyl siding can be an incredible addition to your home. From the affordable vinyl siding cost to its durability, there are several benefits of this essential home product. If you’re searching for a fast and stress-free siding installation, look no further than the experts here at Woodruff Home Improvements! We’ve been in business since 1982, providing Dallas Fort Worth homeowners with exceptional home services. Whether you’re looking to replace your siding or install this material for the first time, our team is ready to help!

When most people think of siding, vinyl siding comes to mind. Not only does this material stay strong through the elements, but the vinyl siding cost is another perk to consider! Take a look at even more advantages of this type of siding:


From harsh rain to brutal winds, vinyl is no match for Texas weather. Its durability is one primary reason why many people choose this type of siding. You also never have to worry about rust!


While vinyl siding is made with incredible durability, the price is another huge factor to consider. In fact, the vinyl siding cost is much lower than bricks or wood.

Low Maintenance

One of the key benefits of vinyl siding is that it’s very easy to maintain. All this material really needs is a quick spray down from time to time. Most homeowners clean this material once a year.


This type of siding is also very versatile. In fact, this material allows you to build the home exterior of your dreams. Modern siding has advanced greatly over the years, making homes look amazing! This material comes in a variety of colors, textures, and variations.


Vinyl siding can keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Even as the vinyl siding cost is low, you will notice excellent insulation qualities!

Easy Install

Are you looking for a fast and simple siding installation? If so, consider having this siding installed on your home! To work with some of the leading siding specialists in Dallas Fort Worth, choose Woodruff Home Improvements!

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Vinyl Siding Cost in Dallas Fort Worth

Vinyl siding cost is an important topic to discuss. While vinyl siding offers many benefits, its affordability is one of the top advantages to consider. However, to properly determine the cost of this siding, several factors come into play.

The installation cost for this type of siding depends on the following:

  • Type of vinyl
  • Size of home
  • Labor costs
  • If siding removal is needed
  • Quality of vinyl
  • Brand
  • Architectural qualities
  • Insulation

If you’re wondering about the vinyl siding cost for your specific home, contact Woodruff Home Improvements today! As no two vinyl siding jobs are the same, we can work through the numbers to give you a clear estimate.

Given how several factors determine the price of an installation project, the average cost of new siding is $9,324. However, some homeowners spend as little as $3,000 and upwards of $20,000.

Style is another essential factor to think about when determining vinyl siding cost. Many homeowners love vinyl siding because it can be shaped and molded to look like other siding types, such as stone, wood, cedar shakes, brick, or clapboard. However, there is often an additional fee for installing a particular style. All in all, having this level of versatility is a huge reason why homeowners prefer this type of siding. It can completely transform your home!

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If you’re looking for a professional siding installation or replacement project, Woodruff Home Improvements has the team you can trust. Not only do we provide a low vinyl siding cost, but we also have some of the best installers in the Dallas Fort Worth area!

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