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Fiber Cement Siding in Dallas Fort Worth

Whether you’re building new or remodeling in Dallas Fort Worth, you should consider using fiber cement siding. This cement board siding is made of very high-quality material that can last for decades. If you’re looking to have this siding installed on your home or commercial building, then Woodruff Home Improvements is here to help. We make the whole process very simple because we handle the entire project. From helping you choose the desired type of siding to completing the installation process with ease, we’re here to create a stress-free experience no matter the size of your building. High-performance fiber cement siding is hard to come by, so contact us today to take advantage of our amazing cement board siding options. Not sure what this product is? Keep reading to learn more information about this type of siding and why you should choose us for your next siding project.

What Is It?

Fiber cement siding is building material that’s used for support and to protect the exterior of a building. This fiber cement is a composite material designed with cement that’s reinforced with cellulose fibers. Used in both commercial and residential applications, fiber cement siding is the newer alternative to asbestos. Before cement board siding was the go-to source for reinforcement material, asbestos was the material used. But due to the many health concerns of using asbestos, cellulose was its replacement in the 1980s. These products can be purchased either pre-painted or pre-stained, or this can be done after the installation is complete.

Cement Fiber Siding Benefits

Not sure if this type of siding is right for you? Need more information regarding fiber cement siding? Here are some of the many benefits of using cement board siding:

Say Goodbye to Termites

One key benefit of this type of siding is its resistance to termites. Although wooden siding has been a good building material for decades, it is very prone to pesky termites. And over time, we all know what termites can do to the foundation of your home. That being said, this termite-resistant quality is a huge benefit to consider when deciding if fiber cement siding is right for you.

Doesn’t Rot

If your home or business uses wood siding, then you should consider calling us to discuss how fiber cement siding can help. Especially if you live somewhere that receives plentiful rainfall every year, cement board siding can protect your home from detrimental rotting problems. If you’re still utilizing wood as your siding, water can easily make its way into your siding over time, which can cause a breakdown in your home’s construction. Here are some signs to look out for that might mean you have a rotting issue:

  • Visible signs of mold
  • Siding is soft when touched
  • Siding breaks down easily
  • Mold smell around your exterior

By upgrading to fiber cement siding, you can experience peace of mind knowing that rot isn’t something you have to worry about. Call Woodruff Home Improvements to talk about our cement board siding options.

Very Durable

Another key benefit of this type of siding is its durability. There is very little maintenance involved with this material after the installation and painting. In addition, these thick cement products are very impact-resistant, so you can rest easy knowing that your home or business is well protected. While wooden siding has long been a great protector of your home, fiber cement siding is now leading the pack when it comes to sturdy, strong material for your exterior. In fact, this cement board siding has been professionally tested for heat, high moisture, and extreme frost.

Cement Board Siding Solutions in Dallas Fort Worth

Still wondering is this siding is right for you? Want to discuss your options? Here at Woodruff Home Improvements, we are happy to offer free consultations so you don’t have to stress about paying for an estimate when it comes to fiber cement siding. And if you call us now for a cement board siding consultation, we can provide an in-home service visit in as little as 24 hours!

To work with a trusted, locally-owned window and siding company that always puts their customers’ needs first, call Woodruff to make an appointment!

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